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Do you LOVE Spanish wine?

Would you like to "share the love" with others?

Then welcome aboard the Wine Armada, your resource for information, events, services and networking opportunities for fans of Spanish wine.

Follow our crew on an exciting adventure to the land of world-class reds, sumptuous whites, glitzy sparklers and beguiling sherries.

Our mission is to let the world know this “Spanish Revolution” is conquering the market, with a treasure chest of wines, that don’t cost a king’s ransom.

News & Events will capture information on Spain's surge to the top of the wine world, along with specific events where we can all learn, laugh and let everyone know the best kept secret in the wine industry.

Wine Armada Services features an arsenal of assistance with tastings, teaching and trips to wine merchants to make your devotion to "the cause" easy and convenient.

Be sure to check our Blog for the latest on what we're drinking, where we're shopping and when we'll be "invading" events serving the wines of Spain.

Join forces with other Wine Armada crew members, by clicking on the logos below to become a fan on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

¡Viva el vino Español!

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